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Michael Venus
Head of Product management

I’ve worked for several years with the team on an embedded system product in the area of Vehicle-to-X communication. Throughout this time, the team has always been a reliable partner over the complete product lifecycle. The collaboration is characterized by open communication and a high level of ownership culture. The team shows far-above-average commitment and is by no means lacking in flexibility. In particular, the technical expertise and the ability to apply the latest technology at a very high quality has been the key to success for us.

Jan Verner
Development lead & Capability manager

Thanks to ExpertaLabs’ help, the team has been able to meet all the end client’s deadlines. They communicate daily to discuss relevant information about the project. So far, the client has been impressed by the team’s expertise, excellent communication skillset and flexibility.

Petr Fibinger

Thanks to ExpertaLabs, the company kept track of project deadlines and successfully met them. The partnership saved the company from the huge penalties of contract conditions. Their agile approach worked well for the two parties. In the end, ExpertaLabs delivered an impressive, fully automatic solution.

Petr Špringl
Director of SW Engineering

Na spolupráci s ExpertaLabs si nejvíce ceníme jejich upřímné snahy dodat řešení, které pro nás bude to optimální a přinese nám vysokou přidanou hodnotu. Všichni členové ExpertaLabs týmu jsou velkými odborníky s bohatými zkušenostmi, díky čemuž nám byli vždy schopni poradit, jak k danému problému přistoupit a nejlépe ho vyřešit. Po celou dobu trvání projektu probíhala čilá komunikace s našimi týmy ohledně vyjasnění požadavků, ukázek prototypů a hands-on demonstrací. Díky tomu můžeme pracovat s dodanými výstupy efektivně a plynule na ně navázat. Spolupráce se nesla v profesionálním a přitom velmi přátelském duchu. Věříme, že nás v budoucnu čekají další společné projekty.


English translation from Czech original:

What we appreciate most about working with ExpertaLabs is their sincere effort to deliver a solution that is optimal for us and brings us high added value. All members of the ExpertaLabs team are great experts with a wealth of experience, which has meant that they have always been able to advise us on how best to approach and solve a given problem. Throughout the project, there was a lively communication with our teams regarding clarification of requirements, prototypes and hands-on demonstrations. This allowed us to work efficiently with the deliverables and build on them seamlessly. The collaboration was professional yet very friendly. We believe that more joint projects await us in the future.

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