Let your business

Let your business

We are a team of friends and colleagues skilled and experienced in the software development. We make everything from embedded devices through tools and complex applications to cloud based systems. We focus on innovative approaches and delivering high quality solutions. After all we are experts.


Our services

Embedded/IoT development

We have successfully designed and deployed Linux based embedded devices based on Yocto Linux with LTE and ethernet connectivity. We have experience with the edge computing and environments with high security requirements. We can help you with the whole lifecycle of the product – from HW design, HW bringup, SW architecture, firmware development, in-factory testing process and maintenance.

Cloud development

We are aware of benefits, as well as drawbacks of development for cloud. We are ready to provide either help or full scale software development in cloud computing environment. We have experience in migrating systems from on-premises systems to hybrid or cloud-based systems. We have also transferred monolithic solutions to micro-service architecture with focus on scalability and performance. All automated in CI/CD pipelines for fast development.


We have designed software to meet strict security requirements and deployed products with state of the art security – Secure/Verified boot, TPM, HSM, ARM TrustZone. We have designed and deployed product key infrastructure systems covering the life cycle of the device from factory to the decommissioning. All this while having secure and on-demand releasing CI/CT/CD pipelines. If you need anything similar to do in your business, we can help you.

Cloud infrastructure

Each developer wants to do own application and not to care about (cloud) infrastructure. We can help you and take over this challenge. Let developers to do their stuff and we can help you with the rest.

Boost teams

Do you lack software expertise or are you transforming to agile approaches? We will help you boost your team with our expert developers and product owners and lead your team to a successful result in an optimal way.

How do we work

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Did our offer of services appeal to you? Or have you not found exactly what you are looking for? Let us know, we will try to find a way together

Requirements clarification

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If you know exactly what you want, we will only ask for the necessary details. On the contrary, you know the result, but you do not know what will be needed to achieve it? We will clarify and specify the exact requirements for you.

Solution proposal

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Based on your needs, we will design the architecture, specific implementation, or even the entire system. To do this, we will setup a team and a schedule with which it will be possible to achieve the required results.

Price calculation

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We divide the work into units that can be estimated and priced. If the final price seems too high, we can deliver a small block first to give you an idea of what the proposed solution contains and what quality you will receive from us.

Cooperation begins

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You deliver the challenge, we provide the expertise and together we create perfect solutions.


We offer you nothing less than super expertise in following technologies.

Why us?

Our team consists of experts with long-term experience. We select and tailor the best solution from various technologies and practices just for your needs. We offer only experts and not juniors, who would be learning and improving skills for your money. That’s why you get the maximum just by us.

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